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Text to join the Calmdays club
We don't like companies that hide their information and are hard to contact. So we created a text platform that makes it easy to get the information you want and talk to us one-to-one.

It's super simple to join just hit us up on +447984 385 215.

Once you're signed up you can join groups to ensure you only get the information you're most interested in.

Just text us with the following hashtag or hashtags you're interested in and you'll get all messages we send out on those subjects - see the screen shot for more info.

Each message we send out can be anything from an article we read, a video, a new brand we like, a quote, or our opinion on a subject. We're here to help you so the more feedback you provide the better the content.


#moneymoney - all things financial
#getaway - vacations and a touch of escapism
#stayphysical - exercise and workout ideas
#Outandabout - events and places to go
#behappy - mental health
#newproducts - new product launches and drops
#takecare - selfcare tips and tricks

Simple. Just send a text saying #iwantitall

You'll still receive updates sent out to all community members just not the ones related to specific groups.

We hate to see you leave but if you're no longer feeling it just text STOP and we will unsubscribe you from all text message lists.